Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Week 16: Planning Your Future Post #1

Overall this class has been very fun to work with. I especially enjoyed the Facebook aspect of it because it automatically linked to current Facebook and it was easy to access the business page link. It was also fun for me because I felt that I was getting constant likes and views on there than any other social media platform. the ones that I did not really enjoy was Twitter because I had trouble making the account and was not all that familiar with that platform.

Honestly, with the type of business that I have, there is not much of a social media platform that would work well with my business. Although Facebook might help as business owners who have Facebook might be able to catch my business page and it might create a lead. The one that might help my business the most would have to be the different apps where it allows you to connect and network with other people. There is one called Meetup where you can input the type of people you want to meet with and sets up a time.

I do not believe we should spend too much time on social media marketing. Our business is focused more on in person cold calling. Social media has the potential to help but not that much.

My rough draft of next months content to help grow and improve my business is to post the new feature that we will be presenting in our business, which is the production of solo postcards. We would also present a new design on our ads which provides a more simple coupon and viewer friendly for consumers. We would post this all throughout the social media accounts so that everyone will see what we have improved.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Week 15: Optimizing Yourself and the Company Post #1

The feature of Google Analytics that will help my business the most has to be Analytics Intelligence because obviously it is very important to know how your business is doing on a regular basis. Another feature we can definitely use and is probably the most important is the Advertising Reports. This is important because it shoes and tells you how many people has clicked on your online ads. It shows the traffic of people that are viewing your online material. Data Collection and Management would also have to be an important feature to have because it would help me manage and organize all the different pieces of data that I would have on all the businesses that I encounter.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Week 14: Developing Online Advertising

The first ad is the ad that I will use for all my social media accounts. I believe that this will be effective because it has a great logo with the American colors on it. It has a great "call to action" when it states "Like getting money into your mailbox". Finally it also has a picture of food in which people are always attracted to. It shows that we also have an online website and has the money mailer phone app. The second app I will also include because it shows the sample ad that will be shown if you sign up with money mailer. 

An objective is the purpose of posting your ad on social media. Most people might use it to try and attract more customers. Some businesses will use an ad to create more leads or just to promote awareness that they are around. The objective that makes the most sense for my business has to be the leads and awareness. The best case scenario for me would be to try to create leads for me to connect with business owners who want to market their business. Also to just show everyone that we are a legit business that really works for businesses. The fact that we have a Little Caesars that has linked up with us shows that we can work for everyone! 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

week 13: Online Marketing Post #2

As I mentioned earlier, Money Mailer is not a business that can use too much advertising online because we tend to target business owners instead of regular customers. As far as ads go, I think we could use Facebook somewhat to post a prospecting ad there and show how effective we are in marketing. I do not believe that we need to have that constant, maybe once or twice a month so that we are not annoying. The type of Facebook advertising we could use would be prospecting ads and lead ads to show users. It does not cost too much to produce these ads and I think that if we only do it a few times a month it would generate the best results for my business.

The boosts that were mentioned are very interesting. Since we are not planning to use online marketing too  often, I do not think that we need to boost our ads to make them easier to view by Facebook users.

Week 13: Online Advertising Post #1

1. Valpak
2. Groupon
3. Coupon books

I could not find 5 businesses that are competitors since in the specific marketing business that I have there is not too many competitors. Valpak is our greatest competitor and just like our business they do not use too much online advertising. Our business usually involves going out and cold calling businesses. Not sure how Valpak, Groupon and Coupon books work, but for Money Mailer we have a few ways of advertising. We create an ad that we put into out coupon books. We have an online website where we portray our business.

The advertising online in Facebook and Twitter are interesting. What draws my attention is how they show you ads that are in particular to your interests. Somehow they know how to track your interests and show you the right type of ads. Their call to action is by putting an ad into your newsfeed. Yes they use images to show what they are trying to sell you. The ads that are annoying are the ones that keep popping up when you try to watch a video.

For my business I obviously have to side with the traditional advertising because that is what our business is all about. For most businesses the online advertising would be the most effective because of how the society is trending towards the social media. Although we do have a Money Mailer app and a website.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Week 12: Using other Online Tools Post #2

The two online marketing tools that I chose where YELP and MEETUP.


Yelp is a an app that basically gives reviews of people who have already been there and experienced the product or service for people who have never been there. You are able to give the place a certain amount of stars to rate the place. It is a great app because it makes the place be aware that people can rate it so they need to give the best customer service they can in order to get good ratings. It also gives the directions and images of the place. 


Meetup is a more tailored for my business because it is an opportunity to network with a specific group of people that you need. in my case I would simply just type in business owners and it would have a certain time and date people would meet up as some sort of group and you would have to apply for an invitation to go. It gives you a calendar and any appointments that you have set up.   

Week 12: Using Other Online Tolls Post #1

In my business online marketing told do not play a huge role in the success of my business. The way my business gets clients is to go around cold calling businesses and trying to set appointments with business owners. But there are a few tools that can help me. I believe that the Meetup tool has potential to be an important factor in my business. With meetup, I am able to try to find a group of business owners who meet up and try to help each other out. I can integrate this to my current plan by having some time maybe twice a month to attend these meetups and maybe build some connections and relationships that can turn into clients.  

Week 16: Planning Your Future Post #1

Overall this class has been very fun to work with. I especially enjoyed the Facebook aspect of it because it automatically linked to current...